What do you say when someone asks you...

If you're like most real estate agents, you say something like...

"I'm a REALTOR" or "I'm a real estate agent" or maybe "I help people buy and sell real estate".

All of those answers are true and on the face of it, enough said, right?

NO, I'd suggest that's not nearly enough said!

For a number of reasons:

1 - It stops the conversation. Yes, the other person could ask you about real estate or your services but you certainly haven't given them an invitation or real reason to do so.

2 - Do you realize that there are more than 2 million REALTORS in the United States?!?! So you've just identified yourself as 1 of 2 million. You're not only 1 in a million but 1 in two million!

3 - Your answer says nothing about what sets you apart not just from the 2 million but from the thousands right in your own market, some of whom the other person very likely knows. 

So, my suggestion to you instead is to have a much more specific answer to this very common question. An answer that invites conversation and questions...an answer that begins to communicate the unique value that you provide to your clients...and an answer that compels a person to consider your real estate services over any other REALTOR.

Some ideas would be:

"I'm a REALTOR specializing in helping Austin buyers and sellers make the best possible real estate decisions." - In one sentence this states the fact that you're a REALTOR, identifies your market area and starts the conversation about your focus on helping people make the best possible real estate decisions. Who doesn't want to make the best possible decisions especially when it comes to their largest financial and emotional investment?!? So the listener will likely want to know more.

"I'm a real estate agent and I'm passionate about helping people change their lives through real estate." - Again, in one sentence you answer the general question of your career but also speak to the passion you bring to your work that goes well beyond the financial aspect of buying or selling a home. We all know that every move, be it big or small, far or near, does change people's lives! This could also speak to the investors you may work with in helping them to build their wealth through real estate.

"I'm a REALTOR and I consider it my mission to educate people about the Charleston real estate market. Even if someone's not ready to buy or sell, I specialize in always being available to answer questions and help my community anywhere that I can." - This one's a little longer but it really conveys the point that you're not just interested in fishing for business. It opens the conversation to questions about the market (be sure you're ready with an informed answer and not just a quip like 'oh, the market is great!') or specifics about a neighborhood, news story, or anything else community or real estate related.

Another place that answering this question well is important is ONLINE. Yep, your Online Profiles are often the first place that a new client "meets" you. Even if someone personally refers you to another person or you meet a potential buyer at an open house or even receive a corporate/company referral...today's consumer is highly likely to research you online before deciding to contact or work with you.

So, when they GOOGLE you (which they will)...what will they see?

Hopefully they'll see a list of great online profiles about you that fill them with confidence in your experience, your expertise and literally compel them to contact you! If not, you have a problem. If they find profiles that tell them nothing more than you're a real estate agent or are BLANK - you are losing business!

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