"All too often 'later' becomes 'never' and so our full potential is never realized."

-Shanahan Ramos

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About Shanahan Ramos

First, it's pronounced just like Shannon - not Shan-a-han, which I know is how it looks! I have no idea why my parents chose to send me through life with a name constantly mispronounced but here I am.

That out of the way, a little about me. I started in real estate as an IT person in 1996 - yikes, that was a long time ago! Anyway, I was lucky enough to join the 2nd largest real estate company in the Kansas City area (J.C. Nichols Real Estate) at the exact time they were starting to build their company website. I was tasked with managing that project and I've largely been working in real estate online marketing ever since. 

After many years at four very different large real estate companies around the country, in 2015 I decided I wanted to create my own company to best serve the needs of real estate agents. And the biggest need I saw was the difficulty most agents have in communicating their true value. So that's what I do, I help real estate agents better communicate their value so that they can win more clients and grow their business.


I'm a real estate communicates expert. Real estate has its own language and after 20+ years supporting and training agents with marketing, technology and being a licensed REALTOR myself, I speak that language. One of the biggest challenges real estate agents have is communicating their value to consumers. I specialize in helping agents do exactly that by teaching them how to effectively build and manage their Online Personality.

What is an Online Personality?

It's a term I've coined to refer to the compilation of an agent's online profiles on key websites (or lack thereof) and their various social media personas (or lack thereof). More and more, today's consumer is shopping for everything online and that includes real estate agents! They are actively seeking an agent that they feel like they can get to know, like and trust. How do they evaluate that agent online? By researching them! Therefore, everything they see about that agent online (and things they don't see) make up the agent's Online Personality. Giving that potential client an impression of themselves, often before they even meet. Click here to read a recent blog about the Online Personality and access the Online Personality Test.

My Mission

Having now established the importance of every real estate agent's Online Personality; it is my mission to help agents build and manage a winning Online Personality that will attract clients and grow their business. I provide this service to individual agents with an Online Course and/or a Full Service option where I personally work with the agent to professionally write the profile for you. Click here to learn more. I provide this service to companies with live workshops in your office. Contact me for more information.
Shanahan Ramos

Quote of the day.

Shanahan, Thanks so much! I was in the process of re-visiting my profiles and this "class" came at just the right time. I have been in the business several years and knew I needed an update, this class made the process so much easier ( because you know , this isn't something we Realtors like to do). Re-vamping my profile and learning a few things I didn't know about some of the larger websites has been wonderful. The class has made a seemingly difficult task much easier...thank you." - R. Watkins 9.26.16

"I want to complement Shanahan on a wonderful job she did on writing my professional profile.  It was a simple process filing out the question forms and sending them in.  All instructions for adding to website was included in the final profile and only took a short time to get all loaded up." - L. Christensen 9.20.16