Do you have a WINNING Online Personality that is Attracting New Clients & Referrals?

Personality is defined as the individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. But I think most of us think about "personality" as what someone is "like".

Is she extroverted and talkative or more introverted and a little quiet?

Does he tend to be more serious and structured in how he approaches things or
​lighthearted and fun? 

Those are personality traits.

So, what is your Online Personality? I define that as the compilation of your online profiles (on important sites like, Zillow, etc.) and social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.). That's how potential clients first get a glimpse at your personality - through your online presence. They are beginning to form an opinion of you as a person and a REALTOR based on the Online Personality that you've put out there.

For many of us, that's not a good thing.

Here's the deal, when someone recommends a great restaurant to you - what do you do? If you're like most people these days, you quickly Google it! You're looking for a menu, photos of the dining room, bar, the food and hopefully great reviews from other customers. You're looking to confirm that recommendation - even though someone personally made that recommendation to you. For most of us, we don't just act on the recommendation from our friend - we still seek confirmation through our even better friend, Google . So, in this example, I would say the restaurant's website (or lack thereof) is the representation of their Online Personality. If the website includes the menu, great photos of the place and the food, and especially great reviews from other customers - I'm there!
It's the same for you as a REALTOR, except, a little more complicated. It used to be easier. When I first started in real estate in 1996, real estate company websites were just getting started. Agent Profiles on those sites were the first and only place agents needed to worry about. I was lucky enough to work with hundreds of agents in writing those first Agent Profiles and getting them online. It seemed like magic back then - agents were just excited to see their own photo out on the world-wide web!

But in the 20 years since, we've seen the creation and growth of not only company websites but franchise sites (Coldwell Banker, C21, KW) and, of course,, Zillow and Trulia. Then add to the mix the social media sites of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more. So, now it's critical that an Agent have compelling profiles and content across up to 8-10 websites - at all times!

That can be challenging. It's not good enough to have a really great profile, some good reviews and a good ranking on 1 or even 2 websites. That's the importance of your Online Personality. When a potential client Googles you, they see ALL of you...

  • The good profiles and reviews but also the sites where you haven't updated or even built your profile.
  • They see the Facebook page you started 3 years ago and haven't updated since.
  • They see the Twitter account that still has the egg image instead of your smiling face and compelling tweets.
  • They see the Linkedin account that shows you at a company different than the one on the business card you just gave them.

Your Online Personality is important because real estate is personal. Before I commit to getting in your car and letting you drive me around to look at houses, I want to know a little about you. I need to get to know, like and trust you even before we start spending that time together. Before I am comfortable inviting you into my home to talk about pricing and selling it - you'll need to get to know, like and trust you. Your Online Personality is the first way that most clients will try to do that.

Okay, okay, you get it. You need to pay attention to your Online Personality and what it's saying about you. Here's a good first step. You've heard of Personality Tests, probably even taken one. Well, let's test your Online Personality. Click here to download the Online Personality Test. The test will walk you through evaluating your Online Personality. Be honest with yourself in answering the questions and then take a hard look at your answers. Is your Online Personality painting an accurate and compelling picture of you and what you have to offer potential clients? The first step is know where you are now
. A good second step is considering your Value Statement. Click here to read yesterday's blog crafting your Value Statement. And watch for tomorrow's topic: the 5 Keys to a Winning Online Personality.